Turn product usage into sales insights.

Drive conversions with visibility into how your leads engage with your product.

Salespeople 3x conversion rates by engaging leads during free trials.

Visibility to engage faster.

As salespeople, seconds matter. Striking while the iron-is-hot closes more deals. Productlift delivers real-time visibility into when your prospects are active, and the key actions they're taking.

Visibility to deliver value.

No two prospects are the same. Especially within the same account. Productlift highlights key actions across prospect segments so you can tailor your touchpoints on what unique values matter most.

Purpose built for salespeople.

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Reach out to trialing prospects when they have seen the most value, and when they are the most likely to buy.

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Sales Management

Help your team create more effective touchpoints with tailored messaging across prospect segments.

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Sales Development

Scale up your sales touchpoints with automated tailored messaging triggered by how prospects use your product.

Simple by design.

Filter out the noise. Get the visibility you can actually act on to convert trialers to customers.

Get Started

Getting visibility to turn trial users into paying customers is simpler than you think.

Product Qualified Leads.

Product Usage Analytics

Get visibility into what drives engagement of your prospects. Understand what delivers value.

Customer Journeys

As leads navigate through your product, Productlift Identifies high-impact opportunities throughout their customer journey.

Product Feature Adoption

Optimize product feature adoption by building immersive product experiences that people love.

Prospect Segmentation

Segment leads best fit for sales managers, SDRs, AEs with powerful multidimensional segmentation.

PQL Lead Scoring

Get visibility into new signups and their buying intent with lead scoring based on how prospects engage with your product.

Customer Retention

Identify which customer experiences lead to churn. Score accounts to act sooner and increase customer retention and growth.

Powered up with integrations.