Turn user experiences into a growth engine.

Whether you’re large or small, we have a plan to help you grow.


Essentials to get your business growth up and running.

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1000 monthly active users.

Data up to 1000 monthly active users.

100 monthly notifications.

Limited notifications up to 100 per month.

12 months historical data.

Limited visibility up to 1 year historical data.


Full-suite with next-level support to reach your growth goals.


5000 monthly active users.

Data up to 5000 monthly active users.

Unlimited notifications.

No cap on notifications.

Lifetime historical data.

All data available for lifetime of account.

CRM integrations.

Send data to your CRM tools.


Unique solutions for unique problems. Get in touch.


Unlimited active users.

No cap on monthly active users.

Dedicated support.

We're an extension of your team.


Build unique solutions to support your growth.

Machine Learning

We'll find the patterns from your vast data.


How are active users defined?

When any user triggers any event within the calendar month, they are counted as an active user.

What happens to historical data?

Under the startup plan, you'll only have visibility into the last twelve months of data. We'll hang onto it for you when you're ready to upgrade.

What is your refund policy?

We want you to be successful. If for whatever reason you're not happy, we offer a 30-day cancellation policy.

Are there monthly billing options?

Yes, we can set up your subscription to be billed monthly. If you pay annually you get an additional savings of around ~20% so it's something to think about.