Google Mobile Playbook Second Edition

Mobile is more central to success than ever before. Most execs know this, but they get hung up on exactly what to do and how to do it. This is the message from Google’s second version of their The Mobile Playbook.

Essentially, Google is offering the latest best practices and strategies for winning in mobile and this mobile playbook talks about how to address certain issues such as the price transparency challenge, the age-old question of when to build a mobile site / when to build a mobile app, and what it really means to build multi-screen marketing campaigns.

It’s a great read and I recommend you at least take quick look through as there is always golden nuggets of information that can help you or your clients in their mobile endeavors. Here are some key points from the playbook.

Mobile-specific needs

  • What do your mobile customers need the most from your business?
  • Focus your value upon those essential mobile.

Build for mobile-first, not desktop lite

  • Mobile focused website, optimized.
  • Consider building app for loyal customers.

Build mobile accountability

  • Have a Mobile Champion in company, empowered with cross-functional task force.
  • Mobile fast becoming core segment of business

Mobile-specific performance indicators

  • Use contextual signals of location, proximity, and time of day to refine your mobile search marketing.
  • Do not under-count mobile; go beyond e-commerce conversions, attribute full value to mobile as a driver to other channels.
  • Run mobile video and rich media ads to engage audiences.
google mobile playbook 2nd edition infographic